Augment Robotics

With AOI systems, Augment Robotics provides industry solutions for current manufacturing production lines.
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What is AOI?

Automated Optical Inspection systems are where the production line is being tested by automatically scanning for flaws in both functionality and quality.

Compact Design

In contrast to much larger equipment, our AOI systems are made to be simply installed into current manufacturing lines.

Accurate Inspections

Most typical AOI systems will layout and label failures and faults. Our system accurately generates reports throughout the factory.

Faster Deployment

With our design, companies can quickly and easily install a new AOI system without taking up a lot of space.

AugAOI Software

Augment Robotics offers a new standard of AI image Fault detection and labelling, improving product Quality Assurance and reducing manufacturing delays through its detailed A.I. generated reports.

AugAOI Vision Head

Augment's new Vision Head can be mounted on on leading commercial COBOT systems from different manufacturers. Its small design can easily be fitted over existing production lines or retrofitted without the need for longer production line extensions or downtime for installation.

AugAOI Stand

AugAOI Stand streamlines portability and provides a new approach to inspect items with existing Cobot arms for industrial and commercial applications. It also offers a number of advantages.