AugAOI Stand

Robust, self contained and portable, Augment AOIs Test Platform offers for rapid testing and prototyping.

Modular platform with advanced Mobility

The Augment AOI Test Platform aims to provide users with a test bed that can be used with a variety of small to midsize cobots across a large variety of applications. This is accomplished through its portability, adjustability, adaptable work surface and range of Cobot mount plates.

Cable Management

Manage testing equipment on the platform with cable management solutions built within the testing platform.

Tool Drawer

Portable industrial cabinets mounted to base to store tools and equipment.

Ease Height Adjustment

Customised base mount for platform fixed on base with Air tight lock mechanism to hold the base.

Lightweight and Stiff

The AugAOI Test Platform is robust and lightweight for mounting fixtures and clamps for relative ease of adjustment. The Cobot arm has space for appropriate clamping to rapidly secure items under inspection.

CAD tablet mounts

Our system inherently allows all approved cobots to mount. Our mount plate would contain all hole patterns for approved cobots, the base plate would also contain all patterns for control boxes.

Control Box

Each control box would have their own mounting sub-plate that would need to be swapped when changing to a different cobot.