State-of-the-art customisable tool bayonet mount attachment for industrial purposes

AugAOI Vision Head

Compact and portable AOI camera

Provide maximum efficiency in manufacturing and production, as well as in reducing the cost of processes to your products.


Industry COBOT System support for the vision Head mounted on while having more freedom of movement. Its small size allows it to be fitted into smaller spaces.

Advanced lumination

Supports different angles of lighting on PCB boards to help detect components that normally are overshadowed and fail to be detected by typical AOI systems.

Augmented/Mixed Reality Control

The vision head provides an operator on the production line or in a remote location across the world, the capability to visualise and interact with the task being performed by the Vision Head.

Clean Installation

Reduce cable routing and provides a safe, flexible and scalable wired interface that can supply both Power to the device and be used for communication with the Operator.

Vision Head Benefits

AugAOI Vision Head platform provides operators better quality gate checking to save time and development with simpler ways to keep up while preventing production halts whenever a complete failure occurs.

Reduce effort on Testing

In contrast to much larger equipment, our AOI systems are made to be simply installed into current manufacturing lines.

Accurate Inspections

Most typical AOI systems will layout and label failures and faults. Our system accurately generates reports throughout the factory.

Improved Reportings

With our design, companies can quickly and easily install a new AOI system without taking up a lot of space.